About the Book
As a former senior executive of the world’s largest reinsurance company, Donna Childs dealt with disaster preparedness, risk management and business continuity strategies. This experience proved critical when she launched her own small business, which business was in the immediate vicinity of the World Trade Center on 9-11. She not only kept her business up and running, she helped many others to recover. In this book, she shows you how.
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Disaster Planning: A survivor tells business how to prepare. Many consultants lecture about disaster preparedness, but author and entrepreneur Donna Childs actually survived a disaster on 9-11. She teaches small-business owners how to plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Click here to listen to Donna’s interview with Business Week columnist Karen E. Klein
Is your small business ready for the next emergency or disaster? Donna Childs talks with Jim Blasingame about the experiences her small business had following the attacks of 9-11, and what you can do to be prepared to continue your work as soon as possible after any kind of interruption. She also has some good ideas about how to lower insurance costs.